Community Partners


In 2017, we introduced the CEPA Society – a way for you to help us continue in our mission and simultaneously enjoy every exciting moment that we present on our stage. Becoming a member involves making a donation that will not only ensure our ability to bring the best possible performers to the community but also make sure you get to experience every bit of it. Learn more about or join the CEPA Society today by  calling the administrative office at (205) 338-1974.

You can also reach Director Jeff Thompson at [email protected] or by calling his cell at (256) 466-0715.


Bob & Jean Barnett


Admiral & Mrs. Dennis Brooks

Brian & Jennifer Worley

Bill & Paula Hereford

Alan & Sandra Furr

Sylvia Martin

Annette & Emory Cox

Sue Turton

Randy Mason


Union State Bank

Ford Meter Box (Jim Ford)

Glover & Sarah Stewart

Lori Junkins

Matthew & Danielle Pope

John Pope

Helen Braswell

Dr. Rock Helms, Northside Medical


Neal Stephenson

Linda L. O’Shaughnessy

Donn J. & June Brascho

Genelle Berry

Jimmy & Donna Jackson


Don & Mary Jim Campbell


Through these companies and individuals, CEPA performances push – if not exceed – the boundaries of what the Board of Directors sought to accomplish. We are grateful for their time and efforts.

Polly Warren – Caterer

Mike Riley – Tech Supervisor

Bruce and Shon Garrett – Event Wrap

Blair Goodgame, Cindy Goodgame, Jean Barnett, Sandra Murray, Barnett and Deanna Lawley, Pam Foote and Sylvia Martin – Reception Committee

Austin Nichols – Ascend Promotion and Production

Rebecca Russell, Urainah Glidewell and Julie Funderburg – Event Volunteers

Ginger McCurry and the PCHS Drama Department

The CEPA Advisory Council

Gilreath Printing

RTL Printing

Discover – The Essence of St. Clair Magazine

Lakeside Living

94.1 The River

St. Clair News-Aegis

The Daily Home

Each and every business that allowed us to post a flyer

Each and every amazing, talented performer who took the stage

And every one of you