Daily Drama: Energy Ball

As the name of this exercise implies, we are working with energy today. It’s super important that you have techniques that can help with nervous energy and turn it into something useful. 

All that is needed for this exercise is you and a wall. Simple!


  1. Stand facing the wall
  2. Imagine you are gathering all the energy from your body and making it into a ball. 
  3. Feel the ball pulse between your hands
  4. When it starts to feel like you can’t contain the ball anymore, throw it at the wall.
  5. Imagine it bouncing back to you, and you are going to catch it putting your whole body into it. You feel the recoil. 
  6. Throw it back against the wall
  7. Continue this for 2-5 minutes. 

This is a great exercise to get your energy up, but also a good way to warm up your body. Use this before rehearsals and before an audition to make sure you are ready!

For more information, check out:

“5 Acting Warm-Ups and Games to Do Before An Audition”- https://takelessons.com/blog/acting-warm-up-games