Daily Drama: Non-Stop

How are your improvisational skills? Because that is what we are working on today! No matter how much practice you put into your lines, things happen where improv comes into play. This exercise will assist with the wonderful world of improv in theatre.

Non-Stop Steps:

  1. Present a monologue on a topic you are familiar with for about 3-5 minutes. No stopping or time for you to prep, just start talking about the topic non-stop(hence the name)
  2. Next, do two more topics that you are familiar with for the same time frame.   
  3. After that, you are going to pick a topic that you don’t know much or anything about. Now talk about it with no stops or prep. Just talk about what you might know or make it up as you go!
  4. Try it two more times with topics you do not know much about. 

Improvisation can be difficult for some because it is easy to overthink it. This exercise allows you to practice your improv skills on the spot, which is the basis of improv! Try this out to work on your acting skills. Record yourself doing this exercise and send it to [email protected] We will post your video on Facebook and email! 

For more information, check out:

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