Daily Drama: Speed Run

This is an exercise that can help with making sure you are 100% comfortable with your monologues or scenes. It is simple, but you can have fun with it!

With a monologue or scene that you have memorized, you are going to go over it at a normal pace. Then you are going to speed it up slightly. On the third time speed up the lines again. Continue this until you get to the fastest speed you can manage while still saying all of your lines. This can be done solo or with a partner for scene work. It can be done for as long as you feel comfortable. 

Working on your monologues or scenes can seem boring after a while, but exercises like this can help bring something back into it and help you feel more confident with your lines. 

For more information, check out:

“7 Acting Games and Warmup Techniques”- https://www.masterclass.com/articles/7-acting-warmups-games-and-techniques-for-actors#6-vocal-warmups-for-actors