Daily Drama: Your Thought Process

Here at CEPA, we want to encourage young actors that even though there is no stage, they can still work on their acting abilities and have fun!

Using your mind in acting!

We have probably all seen an actor on stage that appears to be doing nothing special, but we are still drawn to watching that character. While they aren’t actively doing something, they are internally active

When you are on stage, every movement of the body that you make can be seen on stage. So if you are nervous, that nervous energy can be seen on stage. This exercise is going to help to keep your thought process with the character you are working with.


  1. Find a chair, sit, and get comfortable. 
  2. Now pick an objective from your life. Your objective may be that you want coffee, or something deeper.
  3. Next, ask yourself what will happen if you don’t achieve your objective. Don’t say it out loud, just think it. For example, if you need coffee, what will happen if you can’t get coffee? You won’t have a boost and will mess up on your work and you will get written up if you fall asleep at work. 
  4. Finally question the consequences of not achieving the objective. If you lose your job, then what will happen? You may get kicked out of your apartment because you can’t pay your rent. Then what? Do you move to your parents?

This is the whole premise of this exercise. Thinking these questions through while you are acting will improve your acting on stage. This is what makes the actors that aren’t actively doing something on stage interesting because they are constantly thinking of their character’s objective and obstacles. You can even use this with a role that you are in on stage. 

For more exercises at home, check out:

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