Daily Drama: Research – Friday, March 27

To wrap up the week’s Daily Drama, we are doing research! Research doesn’t have to be boring, and it assists with acting as well. Research is the perfect way to work on your acting techniques without a stage.

Friday’s Daily Drama is… Role Model Research!

Everyone has a role model and with acting, you may have several. Today, look into some of your favorite actors in their movies or show and that is going to be the start of our research. 

  •  Pick a movie or show and take a scene from it. 
  • Watch the scene several times taking notes on the actor. How do they move? How do they speak? How do they convey their emotions? Feel free to take notes!
  • After you have observed the actor, it’s your turn to imitate. Try to replicate their posture, voice, and gestures. (Don’t worry if it is not absolutely perfect, because it’s impossible to copy everything perfectly.)
  • Try this with as many scenes with your favorite actors as you’d like!

This activity is to help expand your acting abilities and knowledge. Studying actors and their works helps develop you into a better actor and that is a goal that CEPA wants to help you achieve!

For more information on acting exercises:

“15 Games & Exercises to Improve Acting Skills (Taught In Drama Schools)”- https://actinginlondon.co.uk/exercises-improve-acting-skills/

“Acting Exercises for Students and Other Beginners”- https://www.ace-your-audition.com/acting-exercises.html#homework