Daily Drama: Playwriting!

We are getting the week off to a great start with this drama exercise. This will require something to write with and to write on. So get your pencil and paper ready!

Today’s exercise is… Playwriting!

Acting is a part of theatre, but it is not the only part. Today we are exploring playwriting skills, which is another aspect. Don’t be intimidated! This will only require your imagination. 

  • Sir, you dropped your wallet.
  • Why are you hiding in the bathroom?
  • This is most definitely the result of a curse.
  • I can fix this, I am determined to fix this.

These are going to be the first lines of the scenes you will be making. The scene needs to be set in just one location and only have two characters. Make it to be at least one page long, but if you feel inspired, feel free to write more! Use your imagination and get creative. If you want to share the scene you created, send it to [email protected]

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