Spotlight Core

Learn More About Spotlight Core

Spotlight Core is the premier performing club from the Spotlight Drama Education and Outreach Program in St. Clair County, Ala. Since 2017, the Club has attracted talented actors ages 16 and up from across the region to perform on stage at the Center for Education and Performing Arts in Pell City.

Spotlight Core is known for several of your favorite plays such as Bus Stop, Four Weddings and an Elvis, The Curious Savage, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, You Can’t Beat The House, Play On!, God’s Favorite, and several others over the years. They also participate in and spread their love for theater down to the younger generation by doing productions with our Spotlight Kids Club. You may know those productions as A Christmas Carol The Musical and most recently Sherlock Holmes and the First Baker Street Irregulars. Partnered with Jefferson State Community College’s Spotlight Group, their most recent production took the stage in March of 2022, with Radium Girls.

Spotlight Core provides dedicated directors, actors and technical operators from the Spotlight Program the opportunity to hone their skills on large productions attended by hundreds each year. And CEPA provides the best stage in the county for these shows, offering access to top-end production equipment including a full-LED lighting system. 

Those looking for an acting community in the area can email Spotlight Program Coordinator Ash Arrington at [email protected].