Saints in the Spotlight (SCCHS)

2019 Saints in the Spotlight

St. Clair County High has a brand new drama club to add to its list of extracurriculars!  “Saints in the Spotlight” is in their fledgling year under the leadership of veteran art teacher and yearbook sponsor Mary Morrow.

Currently there are 45 active members of Saints in the Spotlight from grades 9-12. Student-elected officers are Director: Daniel George, Assistant Director: Emmy Rains, Stage Manager: Hannah Ciniglio, Set Director: Kortney Howard, Tech Director: Josh Swann, Costumes: Clay Stuart, Prop Master: Hannah Stokes, Lead Stylist: Laurel Smith, and Business Manager: Sara Jo Gilmore. Art teacher Mary Morrow is the faculty sponsor.

The goal of the club is to create opportunities for students to express themselves and showcase their talents onstage and behind the scenes. They hope to create positive experiences for all students who want to be involved in theatre arts.

Breaking the News, February 2020

Saints in the Spotlight made its debut in 2019 on the CEPA stage with their performance of a reimagining of Shakespeare’s King Lear entitled “Game of Tiaras” by Don Zolidis. They have continued to progress with their 2020 show, Breaking the News. They are hoping to produce a musical in the future. We can’t wait to see the talent they continue to bring to the stage.

Saints in the Spotlight is excited to begin its theatre program with the much needed and appreciated help of Spotlight and CEPA. They hope that their drama program will continue to grow for many years to come.