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Spotlight Studio, created in 2020 by CEPA Management, provides modern content creation and performance opportunities for St. Clair County residents. It is the digital arm of CEPA’s Spotlight Drama Education and Outreach Program.

Digital productions began during the COVID-19 pandemic, stemming from CEPA’s desire to continue engaging Spotlight Drama Club members while schools were closed, live performances were canceled and gatherings of any size were difficult. Its first projects were the Spotlight Moments and Quarantined Concerts series that encouraged members to film at-home performances.

Quarantined Concerts

Spotlight Moments

From there, CEPA developed The Black Box by Spotlight Studio, a dramatic performance podcast that offered educational programs and performance opportunities in script writing, voice acting and editing. Episodes of The Black Box are available now on all podcast streaming platforms.

In 2021, Spotlight Studio developed Spotlight Films, a visual content production program. Spotlight Films worked with podcast author and director Lacey Pierson to adapt her script for “A Hallmark Christmas” in to a short film called “Miss Christmas Business”. The film became Spotlight Studio’s first to screen at an international film festival, premiering at Birmingham’s Sidewalk Film Fest in August 2021.

Miss Christmas Business

Spotlight Studio is continuing to expand, encouraging St. Clair County residents to pursue creative projects in script-writing, voice acting and film.

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